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Indian Dalit Marimuthu Bharathan wins Human Rights Tulip 2012

Jan 9, 2013: TULP-WINNER 2012 - Speech of Minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans
"Ladies and gentlemen,
Itís great to have such a large turnout this afternoon. Since Iím among friends, I feel I can tell you the human rights prize will endure. In preparing my memorandum on human rights policy, I have to take a hard look at many policy items, but I can give you my word that the prize is here to stay.
Iíve listened closely to whatís been said this afternoon, and these words have bolstered my confidence in the path being taken by this government. Like the government of Maxime Verhagen, we will make human rights a centrepiece of our policy. Having said that, I still intend to draft a new policy memorandum, since the world around us is changing at such a furious pace. ....."
Jan 9, 2013: Acceptance Speech of Marimuthu Bharathan accepting the Human Rights Tulip Award 2012
"Your Excellency, the Foreign Minister of the Netherlands, the esteemed Jury of the Human Rights Tulip Award, Ladies and Gentlemen:
I feel greatly privileged that the jury of the Human Rights Tulip Award deems me worthy of receiving this yearís award and I am grateful for the opportunity to present before you an account of the atrocities on Dalits in India and the persecution of Dalit Human Rights Defenders. I recognize that this award has been bestowed on my work and not on me as a person and has strengthened my resolve to struggle for the realization of the rights of the marginalized and prevention of their violations. Today, 9th January is my 52nd birthday and it is a great honour that I am given this award and I receive it on behalf of the 200 million Dalits of India. ....."
Jan 9, 2013: TULP-WINNER 2012 - Speech of the Chair of the Jury Mrs. Cisca Dresselhuys
"Dear and beloved audience, in particular Minister Timmermans,
'It is good that the world is watching,' said a lady of the women's organization Women on Wings recently on TV. She was referring to the horrific event in New Delhi, where the 23-year old student Yoyti Singh Pandey was gang-raped in a city bus by six men. The woman died due to the severe injuries she sustained during the rape. ....."
Jan 9, 2013: Photographs Human Rights Tulip Cermony 2012
On the website of the Human Rights Tulip you will find the photographs of the ceremony as well as the speech by the jury chairperson, and a short documentary on the Human Rights Tulip winners including Marimuthu Bharathan.

Jan 11, 2013: Denied passport, Dalit activist fails to receive Dutch honour in person (The Hindu)
Dalit activist Marimuthu Bharathan

Marimuthu Bharathan, a Dalit activist who was selected for the Dutch Human Rights Tulip 2012 award from among 66 contenders across the globe, could not attend the function held on Wednesday (January 9) after being denied a passport. .....

Jan 10, 2013: Dalit award winner denied passport to visit Netherlands (Times of India)

A Dalit activist from Tamil Nadu, who won the Dutch Human Rights Tulip 2012 award, was denied passport by the Union government to travel to the Netherlands, apparently due to an objection by the state police. In his absence, the Dutch foreign minister Frans Timmermans gave away the award at a ceremony in The Hague. .....

Jan 9, 2013: The struggle of Marimuthu Bharathan against oppression of Dalits in India (DNN)

Human Rights Tulip Ward Indian winner Marimuthu Bharathan, a Dalit activist from Tamil Nadu, cannot receive the Dutch Human Rights Tulip in person as he did not get a passport. Bharathan was supposed to be handed the Tulip Award for human rights defenders by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Frans Timmermans on the 9th of January 2013. The passport refusal is another example of the disenfranchised position of the 200 million Dalits and the defenders of their rights in India. The Indian authorities clearly fail in combating discrimination and exclusion of Dalits and are themselves often the perpetrator of crimes against them. .....

Jan 9, 2013: 'A Dalit deserves no award, according to India' (translation from Dutch newspaper Trouw)

He cannot attend the presentation himself because the Indian government refuses to give him a passport, but the Indian human rights defender Marimuthu Bharathan today gets the Human Rights Tulip. .....

Jan 9, 2013: Violence against women also a caste issue - Marimuthu Bharathan, defender of the rights of the untouchables in India, receives Human Rights Tulip Award 2012 (translation from Dutch newspaper Volkskrant)

Marimuthu Bharathan, defender of the rights of the Dalits (untouchables) in India, should have received today the Dutch Human Rights Tulip Award 2012 from Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Timmermans, an award for people who played an exceptional role in working for human rights. .....

Jan 9, 2013: Human Rights Defenders Tulip (YouTube)

A short documentary about the five winners of the Human Rights Tulip Award, the award of the Dutch government for human rights defenders. The winners are from Honduras, Congo, Iran, China and India. The last one - award winner in 2012 - is Marimuthu Bharathan, a Dalit from the state of Tamil Nadu in India.

Go to Jan 8, 2013: Dalit award winner is refused passport (press release DNN/IDSN)

The winner of the Dutch Human Rights Tulip 2012 is barred from traveling to the Netherlands to receive his award. Marimuthu Bharathan, a Dalit human rights defender from Tamil Nadu, has been refused a passport by the Indian authorities.
When Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans presents his countryís award, the Dutch Human Rights Defenderís Tulip, at a ceremony later today in The Hague, the recipient will regrettably be absent for the second year in a row.
Last year, Chinese activist Ni Yulan was in custody awaiting trial during the award ceremony. This year, the Indian human rights defender, Marimuthu Bharathan, 52, has been prevented from travelling abroad due to the Indian authoritiesí refusal to renew his passport. According to Indian human rights organisations, this refusal appears to be connected with a false murder charge. .....

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